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T-Systems shapes the digital future with the automotive industry. This includes data-driven business models, company-wide collaboration, Industry 4.0 and state-of-the-art customer experience. Cutting-edge ICT technologies such as cloud, big data, security and IoT are the foundation.

T-Systems walks alongside the automotive industry on its path into the digital future. The digital transformation is changing business processes, connecting vehicles and products and boosting existing and new sales channels in commerce. In doing so, a network connecting all of the resources in the value chain provides manufacturers, dealers and suppliers with the foundation for new business segments. Products and services can be personalized for customers, for instance in the field of electromobility or in maintenance management. With key technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, Security, Collaboration and IoT along with industry-specific solutions, T-Systems provides the necessary flexibility along the entire value chain of the automotive industry.

A strong foundation for digital business processes
To accomplish this, T-Systems, the business customer arm of Deutsche Telekom, has established its activities on the solid basis of a global infrastructure of data centers and networks. T-Systems operates information and communications technology services (ICT) for multinational businesses in its own certified, high-security data centers and takes care of maintenance and development. With a footprint in more than 20 countries, 37,500 employees, and external revenue of 6.9 billion euros (2018), T-Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of information and communications technology . More than 4,000 acknowledged automotive experts combine industry expertise with ICT innovation.

Partner of choice for the digital transformation
The automotive industry needs consulting and implementation expertise for the digital transformation. T-Systems has proven its expertise on a daily basis as a longtime partner to its customers – including 13 of the 20 largest manufacturers, international suppliers and more than 3,000 dealerships. For instance, T-Systems advises OEMs on the topic of Connected Car, showing them how to meet the quickly growing demand for online services, develop business models and begin implementing cloud-based processes. T-Systems has developed the Cloudifier service especially for the transition to the cloud.  Experienced IT integration experts will review the existing, complex application landscape and design a structured transformation path to the digital future. The technical basis for this transformation is provided by the Open Telekom Cloud from Europe’s most modern data center in Biere, Saxony-Anhalt, along with solutions from well-known partner companies. This data center is subject to strict German data protection regulations and the highest security standards.

Digital engineering and integrated solutions
End-to-end digital engineering and assurance processes now form the basis for getting new generations of vehicles onto our streets quickly, efficiently and in high quality Data volumes in vehicle testing continue to grow, along with demands for the accuracy of the data models and test routines. T-Systems offers numerous proven solutions and agile methods that support the overall engineering processes and strengthen company-wide communications and collaboration.

Industry 4.0 – Production of the future
Machines, parts and equipment are increasingly intelligent; resource planning and production management, suppliers and systems “talk” to each other. The result: smart factories with innovative processes, higher production quality and flexibility. The basis for a successful Industry 4.0 are integrated end-to-end solutions and reliable communications services and data security.

The automotive market is digital and interactive
Dealers and repair shops alike need to keep up with changing consumer behavior. Modular customer management systems provide a 360-degree view with comprehensive information on purchases, service inquiries and claims.  Thanks to digital integration, customers can have a seamless experience with individual support from sales through after sales service processes. Customer Experience Management (CEM) from T-Systems joins all of the relevant target groups such as dealers, repair shops, OEMs, suppliers, customers and their vehicles on one platform – making it mobile and interactive.

Client references:

Daimler, Volkswagen, BMW, Airbus, Bosch, Continental, Schaeffler…

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