Matthias Bauhammer

Head of Automotive COE Analytics, DXC Technology

Autonomous driving: Who will win the race?

The vehicle manufacturers are in a tough race to be the first to present an autonomous vehicle that reaches levels four and five of the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). In pursuit of level 5, the OEMs are looking for a way to reduce the time for research and development.

One of the challenges in the development of autonomous vehicles is to collect, store and quickly analyze a staggering amount of sensory data. The companies that can most effectively collect sensory data and convert them into algorithms to improve the accuracy and performance of the vehicle will win the race.

Thanks to the accelerated collection and analysis of test data on peta byte scale, DXC’s robotic drive solution provides a secure and scalable environment, as well as tools that help to develop the algorithms for autonomous driving faster and with less expense.


After studying industrial engineering in Karlsruhe (University) with a focus on computer science and operation research, Matthias Bauhammer started his career as a consultant in the area of Business Information Management. For the last 22 years Matthias Bauhammer has worked in various national and international projects in the field of analytics and data management, as a consultant, project manager and manager. As Head of Automotive COE Analytics, Matthias Bauhammer is responsible for the thematic development and strategic projects of Artificial Intelligence and the Analytics programs for the automotive industry.