Markus Bentele

Vice President Information Technology and Group CIO, MAHLE International GmbH

IT Transformation – from a historically grown IT provider to a global digitization supporter

IT is at the heart of the digital transformation towards a Smart Factory. The IT of the automotive supplier MAHLE is also shaping the digitization process, creating not only standardized and global platforms but also the basis for new products.

That’s how it has been so far: The IT department was the service provider for the specialist departments at MAHLE. This has changed radically in the meantime. IT at MAHLE is changing from an internal service provider to a group-wide global function as a governance unit.

In the future IT at MAHLE will be one of the decisive areas for advancing new business models and products, because digitalization will become a trigger for business with complex networks and the use of enormous amounts of data. IT is thus becoming the cause of massive changes in the company. To this end, IT at MAHLE has embarked on a fundamental transformation process under the project name SprInT4f.

With the realignments S= Security/Data Consistency; SprInT = Business Excellence and IT4F = Innovation/Digitalization, the corresponding change is being prepared.

In the lecture the current way is pointed out as well as the appropriate experiences openly reflected. SprInT4f.


Since January Markus Bentele is Vice President Information Technology and Group CIO of the
global automotive supplier MAHLE in Stuttgart.
In addition to the IT operation Markus is also responsible for the enablement of MAHLE in terms of digitalization, as well as the support of new business models.

Before MAHLE, he headed the IT department of Rheinmetall AG for more than 10 years as Corporate CIO and Corporate Knowledge Officer.

During Markus´s career he has held significant positions and responsibilities such as change manager, organizational developer, commercial manager, human resources, purchasing and quality management.