Bronze Partner


Innoactive is the leading provider of VR/AR Enterprise Software scaling VR/AR across large organisations. The Innoactive Hub platform enables global roll-out of VR Planning, Simulation and Training applications, supporting the transformation of manufacturing processes. Innoactive Hub comprises a Content Management System (CMS) centralising all VR content, a Software Development Kit (SDK) speeding up the creation of VR applications, as well as a VR Launcher with rich functionalities for end-users and device management.  IT Managers are empowered to deploy and manage these applications centrally, with features like versioning and secure permission management in place. Planners get access to 3D models and VR Applications tailored to their needs, in various industries.  One of Innoactive’s key customers is the Volkswagen Group, using the Innoactive Hub to train over 10.000 employees with more than 30 VR Applications deployed across the globe.

Client references:

Volkswagen AG, Deutsche Bahn, Media Markt Saturn Retail Group, Carl Zeiss, Audi, Kawasaki, etc.

Portfolio of products and services:

  • Virtual Reality
  • SDK
  • Content Management System
  • Planning Workshops
  • VR Training
  • VR Simulation
  • Unity Applications
  • VR Enterprise software
  • Management of 3D Assets
  • Cardboard workshops