Dr. Thomas Mannmeusel

Vice President Global Process Optimization & Group CIO, Webasto SE

What do the digitization and guerilla gardening have in common? Theses on digitization in practice

„Digital Transformation”, „Disruption”, „digital or dead” – we encounter such terms and slogans almost every day. Even the greatest skeptics are no longer able to escape this trend, others are already sick of hearing it. Several years have passed since the start of the digital transformation and we now face the question which concepts, announcements and promises have led to sustainable innovation and success and which have been debunked as nothing but marketing slogans. The presentation by Dr. Mannmeusel discusses the future of the industry on the basis of observations and conversations with colleagues in IT as well as the lecturer’s experience in business practice.


Since 2009 Thomas Mannmeusel has been CIO of Webasto SE. In addition he is also responsible for the business unit which aims to optimize and harmonize Webasto’s global business processes. After completing his doctorate at the University of Bamberg, where he conducted research on self-organizing production systems, Dr. Mannmeusel started his professional career at Infineon in 2005. There he held various management positions in the areas of production control and supply chain management until attaining a position in the Infineon’s IT organization. In this position Dr. Mannmeusel was responsible for solutions regarding business intelligence, IT strategy and architecture management. From 2005 until 2009, Dr. Mannmeusel was CIO at ADVA AG Optical Networking.