Dr. Martin Hofmann

Group CIO, Volkswagen AG

Augmented Intelligence: AI in enterprise context

Artificial Intelligence is a key competitive factor for enterprises. Applied quantum computing as well as advances in machine learning are opening up new possibilities to develop and deploy sophisticated AI Systems in the near future. But it is not all about technological feasibility. Augmented Intelligence is also answering the important question of which role humans will claim: How can human talent and artificial intelligence cooperate?


Dr. Martin Hofmann is Executive Vice President of the Volkswagen Group and Group CIO at Volkswagen AG since December 2011. Hofmann’s objective is to ensure Volkswagen’s digital future of mobility based on exponential development in information technology. One of his most prominent initiatives has been the creation of Information Technology Labs in San Francisco, Berlin and Munich, which are considered leading in the field of data science, applied AI and Machine Learning in the automotive industry. He has a long history at the Volkswagen Group, joining in 2001, where he took charge of Group Procurement Process and Information Management.

Previously, he worked at the international IT service provider Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) where he held several senior management positions and served as Executive Director Digital Supply Chain in the United States.

Dr. Hofmann graduated Harvard Business School AMP, has a PhD in engineering from the ETH Zurich and a degree in business computer science and business administration from the University of Mannheim. His interests have always centered around bringing together the fields of engineering and advanced computer science.