Dr. Jan Wehinger

Partner at the service unit Mobility Services and Strategy and Business Area „Digital Innovation & Design Management“

Change dynamics of business models and working environment in the automotive industry

Changes in mobility
Autonomous driving, e-mobility, mobility as a service, platform economy, artificial intelligence – all these terms stand for the profound changes that are taking place in the context of mobility today. Changes like these, combined with digital transformation, are forcing established players to rethink their business models. The combination of digital individualisation and the individualisation of hardware plays a central role in asserting oneself in the future in a changing competitive environment.

Potential of digital platforms
In the course of a changing mobility sector, mobility providers must recognize and use the opportunities of digital platforms at an early stage. Linear value creation with the goal of increasing customer value is contrasted with the digital platform, which pursues an increase in the overall ecosystem value.

Opportunities for mobility providers
Open, horizontal and networked – attributes that traditional, hardware-oriented companies must take into account in order to compete with digital, software-oriented companies.

Artificial intelligence and mobility
AI as mobility gamechanger? How do data, products and users relate to each other in the age of artificial intelligence? A look at the value chain of the future shows what pressure established mobility players are exposed to and what possibilities the use of AI already offers today.

New Work
Not only AI will change the world of work, new forms of cooperation and demands on work will show an ever-increasing change.


Dr. Eng. Jan Wehinger studied Industrial and Mechanical Engineering and earned his doctorate in Engineering at the TU Braunschweig on the subject of “Management of Lifecycle Oriented Innovation Systems”. After various positions at Volkswagen (future research, early technology detection and innovation management, Volkswagen coaching), he joined MHP A Porsche Company. As a partner he is responsible for the service unit Mobility Services and Strategy as well as for the business area Digital Innovation & Design Management.