Dirk Schürmann

Director Automotive & Steel in North and Central Europe

Digital Agenda – Roadmap and solutions for a successful digital transformation in the Automotive industry

Customer expectations, business models and value chains are changing fundamentally.
“Digital truths” permeate all markets and change the business environments at an enormous speed. Getting used to digital life-styles customers expect a “digital aura” in all services.

Fundamental changes like this call for a systematic approach: clear objectives and targets, carefully planned skill building and their practical implementation and deployment.

As a practical application our “Center of Excellence Automotive” shows solutions and approaches on how to implement digital strategies in the Automotive industry. It provides ideas and suggestions on how to build a Digital Agenda. Practical examples illustrate how to bridge from traditional business models into requirements from the digital agenda and to build a sustainable service portfolio.


Dirk Schuermann is Director Automotive & Steel in North and Central Europe at DXC Technology and additionally leads the DXC Ratingen branch.

In the same role already at Hewlett Packard Enterprise he was responsible for P&L across the HPE portfolio with all major OEM companies, Automotive suppliers, major airlines and railways as well as the big players in the European steel market.

Dirk joined Hewlett-Packard in 2004 through acquisition of Triaton, ThyssenKrupp’s captive IT service provider. Appointed as Global Account Executive for ThyssenKrupp he was responsible for P&L across the entire HP portfolio.

Prior to this he led the Sales organization of Triaton, where he achieved double digit growth in the German midsize market. Under his leadership Triaton developed from a captive shop to earning the majority of their revenues in the external market.

Dirk earned his diploma in Business and Economics from Muenster University, Germany, in 1992.