13.20h – 13.50h – 30 minutes Breakout Session (during the lunch break)

Security – K.O. criterion for the mobility of the future? How we deal with dangers: physically, functionally, and digitally.

Digitalization opens up a great future for new mobility models – but it also raises central questions of security. Cross-modal solutions should be digital, networked, smart and ecological, but above all there should be no doubt about maximum security. That is the challenge of our time.

High connectivity, high driving safety and high data protection are of central importance. Be it data streams in or around the vehicle, or between charging points and payment apps. Security will be an indispensable prerequisite for driver assistance systems, communication, Car2Infrastructure, Car2Car as well as for controlling the failure and error susceptibility of the entire system.

Security today means physical safety, functional security and “digital trust”, i.e. digital security. Each topic is linked together and has to be managed jointly. But how exactly can we do this? Discuss with us.

Your host:

Michael Hanke

Management Board Detecon International GmbH, Head of global Mobility practice

Michael Hanke leads the global Mobility practice and is a member of the management board of Detecon International, a global management and technology consulting company and subsidiary of
T-Systems International. Before his current assignment he was in charge of several management roles in the IT and consulting business. He focuses on the impact of digital innovations on his clients’ business models as well as on the future chances that will arise for these enterprises.

Mark Großer

Associate Partner for Risk, Security & Compliance, Detecon Interational GmbH

Mark Großer is Associate Partner for Risk, Security & Compliance at the management and technology consultancy Detecon. For more than 15 years he has been advising clients in the areas of risk management, information & cyber security, digital trust & digital transformation. His corporate clients come from the automotive/mobility, banking, manufacturing, insurance, travel & transport and high-tech industries. His credo is: secure digital solutions must take a holistic approach to cybersecurity, IT security, vehicle security and data protection.

Dr. Aubrey-Derrick Schmidt

Consulting Expert for Cyber Security in the Digital Engineering Center, Detecon Interational GmbH

Dr. Aubrey-Derrick Schmidt is a consulting expert for Cyber Security in the Digital Engineering Center of the management and technology consultancy Detecon. He was awarded 3rd place in the German IT Security Award in 2014. As branch manager for the security consulting company escrypt (part of Bosch GmbH), he developed several security solutions for the automotive sector and carried out many risk analyses for security-relevant components in cars. At the Detecon Digital Engineering Center, he works together with customers to protect new and innovative security solutions.