Workshop – max. 30 attendees
13:05h – 13:50h – 45 minutes Breakout Session during the lunch break

Future Mobility: what moves us in the future – a Technology Foresight Workshop with Japanese flair

Shape mobility: Together we are looking for new solutions for the future mobility. We rethink existing initiatives and develop new ideas.

Get creative: We think around the corner, slip into other roles, discard familiar ways of thinking and approach things unconditionally. The aim is to break out of fixed thought patterns.

Gain foresight: Using various methods (Future User, Janus Cone, LEGO® Serious Play®), we want to work with you to playfully develop the future mobility.

Experience Japan. At NTT, we always contribute a part of our Japanese heritage. No matter where we work in the world. Experience an original Japanese tea ceremony at the end of the workshop.

Your hosts:

Oliver Köth

Oliver Köth

Oliver Köth is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at NTT DATA Germany. After 20 years as leading architect in international software development projects, he is responsible for technological strategy and further development at NTT DATA. His most important advisors are the challenges and needs of his customers.

Oliver is a leading head of Ensō – The Space for Creators, founded by NTT Group in 2017. A space that promotes creativity and cooperation between interdisciplinary teams, for example in the context of product development, and thus activates the maximum potential of the people working there.

 You can contact Oliver Köth via or follow him on LinkedIn.

Nicolas Stahlhofer

Nicolas Stahlhofer

Nicolas Stahlhofer works as a Senior Consultant for Strategy & Business Transformation at NTT DATA Germany and is responsible for innovation management and business model generation. 

His consulting experience combines expertise for connected mobility and business ecosystems with his longstanding work in the area of design thinking and innovation processes.

He holds a Master Degree in International Business and a Bachelor Degree in Business Psychology. During his academic career, he studied abroad at the City College of San Francisco (CCSF) as well as the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

As an author of the book “Conscious Business in Germany“, his consulting work is characterized by a holistic approach to innovation and his passion for purpose-driven business models and strategies.

You can contact Nicolas Stahlhofer via or follow him on LinkedIn.